Vote for the Tippecanoe Way. Vote for Ben Carson.

Proudly endorsed by West Lafayette Mayor Erin Easter.

Making Tippecanoe Stronger:

Help our at-risk youth.

The future of our county depends on our children. Unfortunately, many of our at-risk youth are temporarily sent to facilities out of county or out of state, separating families and taking our deputies off the road instead of being here for our public safety. It's imperative that we make sure children grow up the right way. Rehabilitation must be the guiding principle of our commitment to long-term public safety, and county funds can play a key role in facilitating that.

Protect our water and environment.

The LEAP District project promises great economic reward, but also needs 10-100 Millions Gallons of water per Day from our County. We need to ensure that economic growth is intelligently balanced with conservation that maintains our livelihood, money, and health. More broadly, we need to make use of our county funds to reward renewable energy efforts that are increasingly cost-competitive with fossil fuel alternatives.

Incentivize affordable housing.

We have a serious housing supply shortage. Coupled with this issue, nationwide rising inflation, and ongoing tax assessment challenges, we need to make use of our funds to bring the right developers to the area that meet our standards and cooperate to provide proper housing. By using funds to incentivize workforce housing and increased development, we can improve our local housing situation for individuals and families alike.

Good policies require good planning.

Create a strategic budget.

Thanks to our vibrant and growing economy, Tippecanoe County has generated substantial tax revenue. To capitalize on this, we need to create long-term strategic budget planning.

Work with the community.

Good policymaking doesn't come from one brain, it comes from a wide variety of perspective, expertise, and input. America needs leaders with more humility and a willingness to learn, two traits I proudly bring to the table.

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Hoosier, born and raised.

As a graduate from West Lafayette High School and Purdue University, I have longstanding ties and an unwavering investment in the future of our county for decades to come. Tippecanoe needs to build a new generation of leaders that are prepared to keep our county strong, a major part of why I'm running for election in 2024.

Listener, thinker, and advocate.

Experience matters, but a fresh perspective and a willingness to learn matters too. Party Politics is better left for CNN and Fox News; in Tippecanoe County, we know how to come together and find common ground on issues that everyone cares about. That's why I'm proud to serve on the West Lafayette Board of Public Works and Safety, why I'm proud to have friends and supporters that are Democrats and Republicans, and why I'm proud to volunteer and advocate on behalf of local organizations and issues, such as working to protect our water resources and our well-being.

Equipped to find reasonable solutions to our common-sense problems.

I've spent many years working in a wide variety of industries, including Teaching, Engineering, Communications, Management, and most recently creating my own business in Education Technology. I believe that I possess a strong skill-set of interdisciplinary knowledge that I can use to find the best ways to tackle challenges our community faces. Throwing money at our problems will never work, nor will looking the other way. We need to use our County Budget in smart, strategic, and accountable ways that helps us prosper.

Vote for the Tippecanoe Way. Vote for Ben Carson.

Proudly endorsed by West Lafayette Mayor Erin Easter.


May 7th

Democratic Primary


November 5th

General Election